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Centre of Mission Evangelist grows role in King’s Lynn

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Last November, Captain James Hawksworth took on the role of Lead Evangelist and Community Development Worker for the new Centre of Mission in King’s Lynn. The Centre of Mission exists to inspire local Christians to evangelise as a way of life.

Through listening and visiting local churches, community spaces and charities James quickly identified a particular area of concern in the town for teenagers, and particularly their lack of aspiration and hope. He has since taken opportunities to develop ministries showing God’s love to young people and their families in the town.

James has been working with the YMCA, who have started a youth club at the Discovery Centre on the North Lynn estate where he acts as a YMCA Chaplain. This has also opened up avenues to do mentoring with some of the young people on the estate.

In a newsletter to supporters James wrote;

“One of my most favourite experiences in the YMCA youth club is inviting two young girls to this group who are very timid and shy, from a poorer background and watching them grow in confidence and seeing them smile. They seem to be filled with thankfulness that this club is there for them week in, week out.

“I love the fact that these young people from across the area can come to something where they feel welcome and cared for. It’s so good to see! Jesus welcomes people in such a way that they develop as individuals and community and find their place in and amongst everyone else. It’s beautiful to see, words don’t express it as well as seeing it unfold before your very eyes.”

James is also a Chaplain at Springwood High School where he goes in 3 times a week to meet with struggling students and talks with them one on one about what’s going on in their lives. He has also visited families of students to see how he may be more helpful for them too.

As well as this James has been working alongside Seabank Chapel, a Brethren church that runs a youth club in North Lynn, where barriers between the team and the young people are starting to break down and conversation is starting to flow.

If you would like to find out more about James’ work or to support him in prayer or financially please contact him at