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Benefice Support Meetings: Benefice Share request for 2019

At the beginning of July 2018 each Benefice was sent a Benefice Share Request for 2018, together with a letter from Richard Butler, Diocesan Secretary, explaining the process.

Part of the process includes Benefice Support meetings, which will take place from Monday 29 October to Saturday 10 November 2018 inclusive, at various locations throughout the Diocese.

The meetings are being held to support Benefices who have concerns about their Parish Share request for 2019 and offer an opportunity to address those concerns.

All are welcome to attend these meetings.

The deadline to request a support meeting was 30 September. However, we would like to extend this deadline to Friday 12 October. If your Benefice would like to book a meeting, please do so now by contacting a member of the Finance team using the details below:

Susan Bunting, Director of Finance: 01603 882377
James South, Senior Finance Officer: 01603 882347