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Volunteer of the Year award

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Yvonne Mack, one of the wardens at Blofield Church, has recently been named volunteer of the year by the YMCA in Norfolk.

Yvonne volunteers in Norwich on a weekly basis to work with Umbrella Housing, giving support to single parent families. Yvonne was praised by her colleagues for working tirelessly to support clients.

The Rector of Blofield, Rev Kevin Billson, said he is not surprised to hear of the award as Yvonne is not only an industrious and hardworking church warden, she is also passionately concerned about homelessness and issues faced by single parents, who often find themselves in a vulnerable and lonely place. Recently Yvonne led a sleep over in the church for some local children that included a focus on homelessness. Children and parents who came along were invited to build their own ‘den’ for the night in which to sleep.