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Racial Justice in Schools

“An authentic Christian vision for living well together is one that is scandalously inclusive: where all are welcomed, and where every leader gets to play a part. Leaders should not seek diversity and inclusion just because it is the correct thing to do, we should pursue it and chase it down because it is inherently better.”

“We did not do justice in the past. We do not do justice now. And unless we are radical and decisive in this area in the future, we will still be having this conversation in 20 years’ time and still doing injustice, the few of us that remain, deservedly.”

The Diocese of Norwich is committed to implementing the recommendations of Lament to Action report and supports the urgency in which Racial Justice work must be engaged with. This work is crucial to fostering supportive and inclusive learning environments, where all students feel a sense of belonging and can flourish academically and personally. By prioritising Racial Justice work, schools can cultivate an inclusive and empowering learning environment that will contribute to a more equitable society, where people feel confident and safe express their true selves.

Anti-racist pedagogy demands a holistic approach to challenging and dismantling racism. Through a racial justice lens, educators can identify and remove the systems, policies and practices that disadvantage. This ensure that every student, regardless of their racial or ethnic background, has equal access to education and opportunities. Through Racial Justice work, we equip the next generation with the skills to navigate cultural spaces and our diverse society, encouraging cultural competence and empowering them to challenge biases. Engaging in racial justice work helps shape future generations by fostering empathy, critical thinking, and celebrating the contributions of individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. By working together, schools can enable students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world and contribute to building a more equitable and inclusive society.

In recognition that schools play a central to the success of this work, The Diocese of Norwich has a dedicated Schools’ Adviser for Racial Justice.  This adviser collaborates with schools to create and sustain a supportive network focused on developing and enhancing anti-racist pedagogic practices. This collaborative effort promotes the sharing of ideas, experiences, and perspectives, enabling schools to explore ways of incorporating anti-racism practices in their classrooms and schools. This collaborative approach fosters confidence, provides a safe space for feedback on teaching practices, and overcomes barriers to ensure the continuity of this important work over time.

Our collective goal is to empower colleagues to equip themselves and their students with the knowledge, skills, and resilience to navigate racial and cultural dynamics actively. However, the Diocese of Norwich recognises that each individual and school is on their own unique journey. Consequently, we are committed to supporting schools in various ways, such as providing training, facilitating collaborative work, developing resources, and establishing networks. For information about the Racial Justice opportunities available to schools, explore the information below:

The Racial Justice Working Group is a committed community who work together to promote equality and racial justice within education. The network works together to raise awareness, improve representation, develop understanding of issues and advocate for policies that promote equity and inclusion. Joining the Racial Justice Working Group is a meaningful way to make a difference and help create a fairer society for all children and all people. The termly meetings are a space for discussion, and we welcome all who have an interest in this area of equality and racial justice to join. All meetings are free and take place online. To join, register using the links below.

Racial Justice working group 28 September 2023, 3.45pm-5pm

Racial Justice working group 25 January 2024, 3.45pm-5pm

Racial Justice working group 9 May 2024, 3.45pm-5pm

The Diocese of Norwich has launched a dedicated online space for racial justice resources, guidance, and support. This platform is available on request, and we are accepting requests from educational staff and will consider requests from other organisations.

To register for access click here.

This session is designed to provide school leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to create effective plans for promoting racial justice and equity. Prior to the session leaders will be provided with a self-evaluation survey, to identify areas for development in a range of aspects of school life including curriculum, community and culture. The self-evaluation survey, and review of the school website, will support the tailoring of the session to the specific needs of the school. More generally the action planning session will:

  • review responsibilities within schools regarding with reference to the Equalities Act 2010
  • consider policies, practices and their impact
  • discuss the areas of school life where racial justice can be developed
  • determine the areas for prioritisation and the direction of the plan formulated
  • introduce frameworks that are available to support this work
  • include a follow up session where there will be opportunity for further collaboration and action plan review

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This training is designed for school leaders and teachers who want to ensure the promotion equity and inclusion in their classrooms. Participants will consider how to incorporate diverse perspectives and experiences into their teaching; develop skills for facilitating discussions on sensitive topics related to race and racism and develop strategies to create an inclusive and culturally responsive curriculum. The training will provide practical tools and resources to help teachers create a more equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students and consider how this work can be incorporated using The National Curriculum. By the end of the session, participants will have a better understanding of how to integrate racial justice principles into their teaching practices, so children flourish in our diverse world.

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Sarah Claflin, Schools’ Adviser for Racial Justice, is available to offer support and guidance to schools in the Diocese of Norwich. She can be contact at

Two high quality Black History Month resources have been collaboratively created with five schools from across the diocese. Both resources were developed with the vision of ensuring that all children develop a deep understanding of our collective Black-British History. These resources recognise and value the varied and rich contributions of the Black community to British communities, our wider society, and our individual lives. After successful trials in October 2022, these resources are now available to all schools for use during Black History Month 2023.

Black History Month British Icons Resource

Black History Month Lesson/Assembly Resource