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Saint Lucy’s Day celebrated with special procession of light

Wearing a crown of candles, Lucy Platten led the procession to the Chapel of the Holy Innocents as part of the poignant service dedicated to the fourth-century martyr.

The Revd Canon Aidan Platten, the Cathedral’s Canon Precentor, said: “December 13 is the Feast of St Lucy (Sankta Lucia). Lucy’s name in Latin means ‘Light’ and so this is a celebration of Light. In the Julian calendar December 13 was the shortest day of the year – John Donne referred to it as ‘the year’s midnight and the day’s’.”

Explaining the significance of the Cathedral’s service, Canon Aidan said: “We processed to a hymn that spoke of Saint Lucy and light to the well-known tune ‘Santa Lucia.’ Our procession moved to the Chapel of the Holy Innocents’ as this is where we traditionally commemorate those who were martyred young.”