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Youthwork Online

A selection of safeguarding advice, tutorials and training to help you get started with engaging with youth online.

Church of England: guidance for the safe use of video-calling with young people. MORE

Diocese of Ely: risk assessment template specifically for use in online communication with young people. The document includes a helpful summary of government guidance around the risks of communicating through social media and interactive services, and then offers a thorough list of potential hazards and responses. It already offers a fairly comprehensive list of risks, but can be easily adapted to add others as they emerge. MORE

NSPCC Learning: resources to help schools keep children and young people safe while teaching in a remote or unusual setting. Topics covered include: consent; contacting children at home; child protection concerns; online safety and mental health and wellbeing. MORE

NSPCC Learning: how to have difficult conversations with children to include information about talking to children about coronavirus. The content covers: preparing for a conversation, having a conversation and support from Childline. MORE

Childline: Information for children and young people about coronavirus. The page includes information about: what coronavirus is; where children and young people can find help if they are worried; coping if they are staying at home; and what to do if they are feeling unwell.MORE

Diocese of Ely: a Facebook Group to share ideas, resources and suggestions on how we can continue to support young people in our communities in the current climate.