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Reaching for the stars

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Former student, Jake Foster is a Public Astronomy Officer at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, part of a team uncovering the wonders of the night sky.

Jake, 26, is responsible for planning, developing, and delivering a programme built around engagement through public stargazing, as well as presenting planetarium shows and live streams of astronomical events. Jake said: “I operate a 28-foot Victorian telescope called the Great Equatorial Telescope, which is a unique piece of equipment. It’s the largest of its kind in the UK and not something you can really train for – so I shadowed a colleague for little more than two years and learnt on the job. The most rewarding part of what involves getting other people excited about looking up at the night sky.  Our free live streams of events like solar eclipses are a great way to get people interested.” 

Jake now lives in London and left The Harleston Sancroft in 2012.

Mr Rob Connelly, Headteacher of the school and Jake’s former teacher said: “We are immensely proud of Jake and the journey he has been on to secure this incredible role at the Royal Observatory. I have fond memories of working with Jake while he was a student at Sancroft, specifically supporting him in his final years as he prepared for his GCSE exams. Jake is a true example of the school’s vision, where we encourage all members to experience our motto ‘life in all its fullness’.  This achievement is a reflection of Jake’s continued commitment to his studies and his career.”