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Norwich church stages alternative Passion play

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Beyond the Wardrobe was performed by Scart Art, in St Cuthbert’s Church Centre on March 27 and 28.

The Revd Dean Akrill, Associate Vicar of Sprowston with responsibility for performing arts, said:

“For the last nine years Scart has engaged the local community in storytelling, the production of amateur theatre and the discovery of how our stories shape our relationship with ourselves, with each other and with God; in the belief that original art can challenge, deepen and cause us to look at faith afresh.

“In an age when social media seems to perpetuate an over-aggressive sense of ‘self’, I thought it would be interesting to explore the Passion story from within our contemporary world, whilst also re-visiting the timeless land of childhood fantasy; to discover how “children of the wardrobe” cope with adulthood, and how they face their own personal beasts.

“As many children know, lions can be found in wardrobes; whilst bears and dragons lurk beneath the cracks in the pavement. These don’t entirely disappear when we become adults, they just take different forms; they shape our worldview; our fears and prejudices which inform how we navigate the grown-up world of self-identity, relationships, community and belief. Beyond the Wardrobe explores the playful world of childhood in the light of adulthood.”

You can watch the performance here or below.

Article courtesy of Network Norfolk