First Regional Christian Youth Event in West Norfolk

6 June 2022

A new regional Christian youth worship event has been launched to provide space for young people to meet and be with other young people from churches in West Norfolk, North Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.

The Revd Mark Capron said:“Our hope and prayer is, as Encounter the first Regional Christian Youth Event based in Kings Lynn begins, that local church young people in the area will be blessed and encouraged, illustrated by the image of ‘As the tide comes in all the boats rise’. It’s not easy being a young Christian, our young people need church support as they grow in their faith and the message that they are part of a bigger Kingdom picture.

It has been both on our hearts and in our prayers for a number of years, to initiate a regional youth event. The event will provide space for young people to meet, and be with other like-minded Christian young people from other churches in West Norfolk, North Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.”

The event also aims to offer young people from churches where there currently isn’t a youth group, an opportunity to meet others and through it be emboldened.

The event will be held at St John’s Church in Kings Lynn on Saturday 9 July from 6.30pm to 9pm. There will be games, a taskmaster challenge, café, worship and a talk. The location of the event is as accessible as possible, next to the railway station, close to St James car park and the bus station at St John’s Church the Walks, PE30 1NT.

Revd Mark said: “The event is for the breadth of the greater church, please do let your colleagues and young people, both Christian or enquiring, in other churches in your context know about it. We also invite you to uphold this first event and the young people attending in your prayers.”

This event has been organised by the Revd Mark Capron (Dersingham), the Revd Becca Rogers (St John’s Kings Lynn) and Jonathan Richardson (Children, Youth & Families Development Officer for the Diocese of Norwich).

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