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New Land Cruiser arrives at Hospice Ethiopia

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This has not only enabled the purchase of a brand-new car-the first the hospice has ever owned, but there is also enough money to pay for at least the first 4 years’ running costs.

Hospice Ethiopia (HE) is based in Addis Ababa and is the only hospice in this enormous country of 100 million people. Its staff provide clinical care to the terminally ill in Addis Ababa and training for a range of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) across the country. The nurses of HE visit the patients on their Community Palliative Care programme in the patients’ own homes. Many of them are too sick to travel.

During the visits the nurse carries out a holistic assessment and then addresses the individuals’ concerns and symptoms such as relief of pain. They carry with them a range of commonly used drugs and small items of equipment, which HE purchases or have been donated by visiting western HCPs. The patients receive their care and treatment free of charge.

The lack of a reliable second car was contributing to HE being unable to expand their services to more people. Since the arrival of the new car, the Hospice has also appointed a new nurse. With the new car and a new nurse the Hospice will be able to double the number of people they are able to visit and provide care for.

The staff of Hospice Ethiopia are enormously grateful for the purchase of this much needed car and the support that they have received from fellow Christians 3664 miles away.

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