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Making a Mother’s Day around the world

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When you buy a gift for your mum or in memory of your mum, you will be helping other mothers around the world learn literacy skills, start a business, gain parenting skills, or support members who are running homework centres.

The catalogue features stories from around the world from women and communities whose lives have been transformed through Mothers’ Union programmes. In Trinidad and Tobago, for example, five homework clubs are proving invaluable to children and their parents. The centres are run by Mothers’ Union volunteer teachers and support parents by providing a safe after school environment. The volunteers, some of whom are retired teachers, provide special assistants to students who need additional support. Improvements in the performance and attitude of the students have been recognised by volunteers, parents and teachers alike.

This gift costs £31 and can give members in Trinidad and Tobago the resources they need to continue their invaluable work.

Mothers’ Union’s Worldwide President Sheran Harper said;

“When you buy a gift from this catalogue, not only are you showing how much you love your mum. But you are showing how much you care about the women and communities that Mothers’ Union serves around the world. It’s a win win!”

Vulnerable families in the United Kingdom and Ireland are being supported with much-needed breaks through Mothers’ Union’s Away From It All holidays. These are holidays organised by Mothers’ Union members throughout Britain and Ireland provided to families who may not be experiencing some form or hardship. For £80 you can help a mum like Layla and her daughter, Zahra. They fled Iran to claim asylum in the UK in 2017. As Christians they were persecuted for their faith. Layla had been arrested, put in prison and was at risk of being executed. They went on an AFIA pilgrimage to Holy Island, which they really enjoyed.

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Mothers’ Union has also provided a wealth of resources for churches to use in the run-up and on Mothering Sunday, including a beautiful liturgy written by the ordinands of St Mellitus College. Find out more here.

A Make A Mother’s Day video has also been produced to support the campaign. Watch it here.