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Lyng Church of England Primary Academy’s New Wildlife Garden

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Lyng Church of England Primary Academy has unveiled a new wildlife garden, designed to encourage pupils to learn about nature and the environment. The garden features a range of habitats, including a pond, wildflower meadow and bird boxes as well as lots of eco-friendly features such as wooden benches made out of natural logs instead of plastic or metal. Pupils will be able to observe and study the plants and animals that live in the garden, as well as learn about the importance of conservation and sustainability.

Since opening the garden, the school has been resourceful in encouraging nature to use the space. Leftover food such as apple cores, oats and flapjack are used to feed the birds and seeds have been planted to provide a colourful flower meadow for the bugs and bees to safely pollinate.

Clayton said “I like the pond because there is a frog in it”. Cherry class have also been excited to see spawn in there.

Bronwyn from Cherry class said “Some children found a toad on the path when we walked up to school. Miss Phillpot popped it into where it should live as we didn’t want anybody to hurt it. We wanted the toad to feel happy and safe.

Not only does the wildlife garden provide a safe habitat, it also provides a quite space where both staff and students can walk and talk. The meandering path is a peaceful place to calm down, helping the school have a healthy mindset. There is a large circle of grass in the middle of the garden that school children have been able to utilise in their outdoor learning activities, covering a range of subjects, from science to yoga.

In the future, Lyng School would like to develop an area to hide with some binoculars to watch the wildlife whilst not disturbing them.

As the world faces the challenges of climate change and habitat loss, initiatives like Lyng Church of England Primary Academy’s new wildlife garden offer hope and inspiration for a more sustainable future.