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Inspiring Norfolk resources for children, young people and families

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Hidden gems in the diocese have featured in an enlightening way, from considering the origin of names through exploring St Peter Mancroft to discovering hidden graffiti in Norwich Cathedral with the Dean. Think about what makes us different with Archbishop Sancroft High School; learn more about the world-famous anchorite’s cell at the church of  St Julian or how to make artist’s charcoal from willow with the Horstead Centre, or take a look outside your windows to discover more about our precious environment.

Jon Moule, School Distinctiveness and Standards Manager from the Diocese of Norwich Education Team said:  “As a diocese, we are proud to bring together a guide to being good stewards of God’s world with an inspirational video from Bishop Graham, which encourages us to look outside our windows with awe and wonder. Norfolk as a county has so much to offer.”

The Inspiring Norfolk festival of learning is “an education project to celebrate living and learning in Norfolk” that brings together resources looking at the environment, science, local history, the arts, and more. An online resource filled with easy-to-access videos and content, it opens up a whole wealth of learning at your fingertips, uncovering the vibrant mysteries and hidden opportunities scattered across our county. The festival celebrates living and learning in Norfolk.

The online resources are designed to encourage children and young people to look at the world and culture around them and ask questions, engage and relate to what they see through set challenges that accompany the resources.

Schools are encouraged to host their own themed days or festivals of learning using, or inspired by, the materials on the Inspiring Norfolk website. The goal is to enrich their curriculum sparking curiosity and creativity amongst their pupils.

The virtual content opens up a gateway in a realm of other uses too. Each video resource comes with a series of helpful questions to explore, as well as other creative and learning ideas to explore the content further. All of which can be used by individuals for developing personal interest, as family discussion starters or in children’s or youth groups by tying ideas to Bible discussion and faith conversations.

The digital format makes it accessible from home, but, as Covid measures allow, why not go and see and explore some of these places and hidden treasures for yourself too? Hunt the graffiti anyone?