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Harleston Primary School receive special messages

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On Wednesday 17 November, Joel Fearon, the Great Britain Olympic Bronze Medallist visited the school where he delivered an online Collective Worship, sharing his experiences, as well as running PE workshop sessions. Joel will be continuing his visits by mentoring the primary school children in 2022.

Mr Dan Stagg, Assistant Headteacher of Harleston Church of England Primary Academy, part of St Benet’s Multi Academy Trust said: “Joel will be taking on a mentoring role within the school, spending time with children in small groups and on a one-to-one basis. However, these dates will not take place until he is back from representing Team GB at the Winter Olympics in February.

“Joel has been a visitor to schools that I have previously worked in and he is an absolute inspiration.”

Joel Fearon said: “I am currently one of the fastest hundred-meter sprinters in British history, also one of a handful of athletes to have had the privilege of bringing home a winter Olympic medal and the world’s Only sub ten second sprinter to compete in a winter Olympics. More importantly, what I really am is just a man, who as a young boy had a love for sports and a dream to sprint amongst the greats. I am looking forward to spending quality time with the students at Harleston Church of England Primary Academy.”

BBC sports presenter and former rhythmic gymnast, Gabby Logan MBE and Olympic Gold medallist Amy Williams MBE have both sent in personal videos, giving the primary school children inspirational messages which have been watched during their Collective Worship.

Mr Stagg said: “Part of the long-term project I am leading on at Harleston Church of England Primary Academy is about the school values and the importance of them. I thought that it would be a great idea to get in touch with some well-known figures to share what our school values meant to them.

“We want to inspire our children and link our school values to our own aspirations and that we can achieve anything. Gabby Logan and Amy Williams very kindly sent in two videos that we have shared with the children in Collective worship. The videos have had a great impact on the children, a lot of the children have a better understanding, and we have many examples of how the children are showing perseverance in our achievement certificates.”

Amy Williams MBE, a British former skeleton racer and Olympic gold medallist said she began training in skeleton in 2002 after trying the sport on a push-start track at the University of Bath. She went on to win Gold at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

She said: “Mr Stagg asked me to send you a video to talk to you about how I got into skeleton. I worked really, really hard year after year… perseverance is super important. Go and catch your dreams and write down your goals.”

Gabby Logan MBE said: “Mr Stagg has got in touch with me to ask if I would talk to you at Harleston Primary about the six values in life which you are all learning about; love faith, perseverance, wisdom, respect and hope. I think perseverance is one of things you’re really going to need.”  

Kannon, Year 6 said: “It was great to see how Amy’s message about perseverance will help us achieve our goals.”

Lily, Year 5 said: “I was really inspired by the Gabby Logan video as there was passion in what she was saying.”

Richard Cranmer, CEO of St Benet’s Multi Academy Trust said: “Days when we have inspirational people such as Joel Fearon spending quality time with our students are days that they will remember for a very long time. We are very grateful to both Amy Williams MBE and Gaby Logan MBE for giving up their time and sending messages of encouragement to the children of Harleston Primary.”