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Our churches seek to serve their local communities and particularly those who are most vulnerable. Sometimes we do this in partnership with other organisations.

When inputting your details below, please choose the correct donation box first to either support your local church or a particular project, appeal or charity. This helps us to make sure it goes to the intended place.
Your Donation
Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate.

I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations it is my responsibility to pay any difference.

Cancelling or changing your payment

Should you wish to cancel or change your payment please contact James South at or 01603 882347.

How your donation is used

Your donation will be received and processed by Norwich Diocesan Board of Finance Ltd, the charity (no. 249318) and limited company (no. 88175) who are responsible for the finances of the Diocese of Norwich.

Funding local projects, appeals and charities
If you select a local project, appeal, or charity, your donation will go directly and solely towards that use. The charities listed have a direct relationship with the diocese and were often set up by the diocese for their specific purpose.

Funding the cost local clergy and parish support through Parish Share
If you select a local church, parish or benefice your donation will directly contribute towards their Parish Share. This is primarily (around 70%) the cost of clergy – their stipend (‘salary’), pension, training and housing – with the rest (around 30%) contributing towards the diocese’s central provision of mission and ministry support; parish support; education, children, youth and families work; governance; and national responsibilities. Read more here.

When selecting a benefice, your donation will be equally distributed between the parishes (Parish Share) within the benefice. When selecting a church, your donation will be given to parish’s Parish Share in which the church is located.

Processing and transaction fees

We want to be transparent in where your money goes. All online payment processors take a fee of each donation given, and we use Stripe as our payment processor. If donating a one-off gift, they take 1.2% plus 20p for every donation given using a UK or European Visa or MasterCard, and for non-European cards and American Express they take 2.9% plus 20p. If donating a monthly gift, they take 1% with a 20p minimum, but their fee is capped at £2.

Other ways to give

  • Donate by cheque: make it payable to ‘NDBF Ltd’ and make it clear which church, parish, benefice or appeal the money is to be put towards. Post to: 109 Dereham Road, Easton, Norwich, NR9 5ES.
  • Donate via your local church’s website: find a church here and find out if they offer online giving.
  • Consider leaving a gift in your will to your local church: find out more here.