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Discount on contactless giving readers for your church

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In summer 2019, the Listen Workstream of the Diocesan Mission Strategy part funded a number of contactless card readers for parishes, allowing them to collect contactless donations in Church. These units are provided by Goodbox, who specialise in contactless giving units which can be used both with or without a signal.

Due to the success of these units and rapidly changing payment habits, a second tranche of funding has been secured. The funding covers 50% of the cost of purchasing a unit along with 50% of the first twelve months of the monthly subscription fee for using the device.

There are three options currently available which are eligible for the subsidy:

  • Goodbox mini – this is a mobile unit which would mainly be used for contactless donations but can also be used as a standard card reader when required.
  • Goodbox mini and Goodplate – The Goodplate is a brass spun plate which the Goodbox mini can be inserted into provide a contactless collection plate.
  • Goodbox core – is designed to be a static unit to be used in churches which may receive a larger number of visitors. It has a colour screen and can display messages on the screen to interact with donors. A Diocese produced template is available, although bespoke designs can be requested for an additional cost.

It is also worth noting that any donations for £30 or less which I given via contactless giving is also eligible for the gift aid small donation  s scheme (GASDS) meaning if a parish has any of their £8,000 annual allowance available, contactless donations can be uplifted by another 25%. Goodbox also have partnered with an organisation called Swiftaid who offer an optional service where gift aid can be claimed for donations by users registered to Swiftaid.

The indicative costs for the three options are as follows:

Goodbox Core Goodbox Mini Goodbox Mini & Plate
Unit Cost (inc. delivery) 390.60 144.00 250.20
12 x monthly subscription 144.00 115.20 115.20
Year one cost 534.60 259.20 365.40
50% subsidy 267.30 129.60 182.70
Year one cost to parish (Inc. VAT) 267.30 129.60 182.70
Ongoing monthly cost after year one (Inc. VAT) 12.00 9.60 9.60


If you wish to benefit from the subsidy, please email James South and await a confirmation before you order as there is limited funding which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.