Calling & vocation

Being yourself and being prayerfully open to all possibilities will help you discern God’s calling whatever stage in life you are at.

For some, this may be the very beginning of your journey. Will you be called towards ordination or will it be one of the many lay ministries such as training as an evangelist, a youth officer or a pioneer?

For others, discerning vocation might be taking a different path from the one you’ve been travelling on. Is God calling you to move from lay ministry into ordination? Or do you feel called to move out of your current career to explore the possibility of ministry, lay or ordained?

It may even be none of the above but simply being a faithful disciple in whatever you do. Here in the Diocese of Norwich we want to create a culture where every aspect of our lives is part of our response to God’s call, whether we’re younger or older, urban or rural, many years ministering, or just setting out.