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Church’s “Rainbow Hug” gains visitors to Fakenham

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Feeling the need for a splash of colour, Gail proposed the idea of crafting a “Rainbow Hug” around the church to Revd Tracy Jessop. With the approval of the PCC (Parochial Church Council), Gail presented the idea to her Mothers’ Union branch, and they enthusiastically began knitting bunting with all the assorted yarn scraps they had.

The idea, inspired by the concept of Yarn Bombing, gained momentum, and Gail began to engage with other community groups while also spreading her concept to the nearby wool shop. Pattern suggestions were handed out to customers by the wool shop owner. The purpose was to inspire the locals to create bunting for the church using the assorted yarn leftovers they had gathered throughout the years.

The project soon became a talking point within the church and the wider community. Tourists captured photographs and strolled along the entire stretch of the church railings to admire the diverse array of colours and intricate designs, which included butterflies, ladybirds, and the unmistakable Harry Potter school colours that children easily recognised. One visitor from Newark made a return visit a few weeks later with a bagful of knitted bunting and more came from Wells by the Sea. An elderly lady expressed her joy in having a unique knitting project that kept her occupied, utilised her yarn scraps, and made her feel like a valued part of the community project.

As more and more bunting are added, it is hoped that young families will see a bright and welcoming church where children can feel at home and enjoy being part of the church family.