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The atmospheric Ruins of St Margaret’s church sit in the same churchyard as the church of St Mary, although there is no historical truth in the legend that the two churches were built by two sisters. St Margaret’s is a pre-Norman foundation and the C11 nave may incorporate earlier elements. The church was modified substantially in the C14, at the same time as the construction of St Mary’s church.

The church fell into decline after the Reformation and was abandoned in the C17. It was dismantled in 1702, with the proceeds and some materials being used to repair St Mary’s. For many years St Margaret’s was in a different parish; originally part of St Benet’s Abbey then, with the Reformation, it was variously been the responsibility of the parishes of Ludham, South Walsham, and North Walsham. It became the responsibility of Antingham Parochial Church Council in 2008. Sadly, the ruin is fenced off for safety reasons.