Parish of North Creake


Listed below are the names of each of the churches within the parish. You can click on each to view the church buildings in further detail:

Key contacts

The Revd Clive Wylie

Licensed clergy - Incumbent: Rector, South Creake (Benefice)
The Vicarage
18 Front Street
NR21 9PE

Mr Peter Gray

Reader / Lay Minister with PtO, South Creake (Benefice)
30 Post Office Road
King's Lynn
PE31 6HS

Miss Chris Lewis

PCC Secretary
29 Lancaster Road
Blenheim Park
NR21 7PY

Dr Andy Llewelyn

PCC Secretary, North Creake (Parish)

Mr Richard Elliott

PCC Treasurer, North Creake (Parish)
Dunelm House
37 Back Street
NR21 9PG

Barney Wordsworth

Authorised Worship Assistant