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Almost £700 raised for North Norfolk Foodbank

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The Duos worked closely with St Peter’s Foodbank Coordinator to plan a Fundraising concert on 29 October when six different musical duos treated the audience to an afternoon of acoustic, imaginative, and entertaining music; which raised almost £700 for the North Norfolk Foodbank.

The Dynamic Duos musician and concert organiser, Ervin Munir, was “happy to have been able to help clients who use our North Norfolk Foodbank, which offers a vital service for those in need”. She said; “it’s great that between us and the organisers, we were able to raise so much”.

Manager of North Norfolk Foodbank, Julie Hunter Jennings, similarly, shares how grateful she is that the Norfolk Duos chose to support and raise awareness for the Foodbank. She said: “This enables us to continue to help the growing numbers of people in North Norfolk who are experiencing food and fuel poverty ….we are facing a hard winter ahead so this donation will help us to prepare for it”.

Angela Stewart (Lay Minister at St Peter’s), also, thoroughly enjoyed the concert which she says; “explored the richness of humanity and touched my emotions…the enthusiasm and generosity of the Duos towards our Foodbank is contagious” and that they gave;” great pleasure whilst raising money for what has now become an essential service in our community “