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1000 bulbs planted in The Big Bulb Plant

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“The big bulb plant has inspired the community, and everyone is excited to see all the leaves and flowers pop up from the earth after a cold winter to celebrate the arrival of spring and new beginnings. The children are watching the space very carefully and hope our regular deer visitors don’t eat them all!” said Mrs Lorraine Ratcliffe, Headteacher of The Bishop’s Church of England Primary in Thetford.

At school, the children have been learning that Jesus is the light of the world. They have been thinking that over the winter time when days are short and cold and the trees and fields seem bare it does not feel like there is much light. The children planted the bulbs to show that Jesus is always there, but we might not notice his light.

During a recent RE afternoon, families joined their children to reflect on the book of Genesis and created small gardens around the school as well as beautiful displays in the school. Year 4 have worked with parents to clear an unused area to turn into an outside classroom. They have planted bulbs and have written to local companies for support in getting benches and a bird table.

‘I can’t wait for them to grow, I am going to watch the ground every day,’ said a year 4.

‘It was hard work. We had to cover the bulb up with a blanket of soil so it stays warm over the winter’ said a year 5.

Mrs Ratcliffe said: “I am very proud of everyone for all their hard work. We are looking forward to the beautiful, yellow heads of the daffodils nodding to welcome the spring time.  I was amazed to see everyone get stuck in despite the cold damp weather.  I am also grateful to Thetford Garden Centre who donated hundreds of bulbs to support the planting.”

It seems everyone at The Bishops is now a keen gardener having been inspired by the big bulb plant!  Hundreds of small trees have been ordered to plant around the boundaries and the children are planning what they will plant next year!