Connect! booklet series

Author: The Revd Canon Susanna Gunner

Publisher: Diocese of Norwich


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Free; donations encouraged

This series of six booklets explores the relationship between Christian faith and some of the most pressing issues of our time.

This series invites Christians to make strong and imaginative connections between our world, our call to be disciples of Jesus and our everyday lives.

Written by the Revd Canon Susanna Gunner, Diocesan Adviser in Spirituality and Discipleship, the booklets offer biblical and theological connections, inspiring stories of those already taking action in our region, and signposts for your own response.  They include paintings, poetry and prayers too, to enrich thought and stir imagination.

Six crises come under the spotlight: Homelessness, Modern Slavery, Waste, Food, the Refugee Crisis and the Environmental Crisis.

Writing about them, Susanna says:

“It’s easy to feel daunted and despairing in the face of so many things we see and read on our screens. How can we even begin to make a difference? Those of us who dare to call ourselves Christians must ask an additional question…  How can I bring my faith to the world’s current problems and how does it affect – through the whole week – my response to, let’s say, the refugee crisis or modern slavery?”

The Rt Revd Graham Usher, Bishop of Norwich, writes:

“Susanna has drawn from the deep wells of Christian spirituality and wisdom to enable us to reflect on some of the major issues of our day. Some of these issues are hidden, others we wish were hidden, but all affect precious human beings made in the image of God. These resources will inform us, lead us creatively into prayer, and inspire us to take action to mend the world.”

Pauline Weaver, Chaplain to 493 Squadron, who were inspired to collect for foodbank after reading the Food booklet, said:

“The Connect! series has been a fantastic basis for talking to cadets about important topics and I was delighted that the cadets decided to become more involved by arranging to collect food and toiletries.”

The series is free to all those in the Diocese of Norwich, though donations are invited to offset printing costs and fund further resources.

The hope is that individuals and groups of all sorts will find them challenging and inspiring.  If groups can’t meet face to face, they may like to look first at the material individually and then gather on Zoom to discuss.  It may also be a helpful resource to those who lead worship, and they suit any time of year.

You can download the booklets in PDF format below:

Printed copies can be ordered online and will be posted to you.

You might find it helpful to have the booklets in both forms at the same time because, while a hard copy is perhaps easier to navigate, an online version will give instant access to websites and YouTube links referred to in the text.

Excellent Series

Here in Taverham we have a number of house groups- each decide what they will study. When we saw ‘connect’ advertised we immediately decided to look at it having previously found great value in the ‘Mapping’ series which Susanna Gunner also produced. It is a series of six studies and we used 2 sessions for each booklet. They are all very relevant topics in today’s society and have the potential to lead to action rather than just talk! Two lots of action have so far been taken by us - a Strawberry Tea to raise some money for the Mothers Union’s work in helping Syrian refugees and encouraging our congregation to donate toiletry items for St Martin’s Trust. We are now in the process of sorting table top sale to support Afghan refugees. But as well as these practical outcomes it has helped us all to become much more conscious of extent to which the God we worship cares about his whole creation. I warmly recommend the series to you. Available both online and as free copies from Diocesan House.

Stella Noons

14 September 2021

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