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Lay ministry course highly praised

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Four reviewers visited the diocese in May to see the Reader training course and meet students and other stakeholders. They also reviewed the regional training course (the Eastern Region Ministry Course) which provides most of the academic content for Reader training and the Reader training course in the Diocese of Ely. All three courses were rated highly by the review team led by Dr Sally Buck from the Diocese of Lincoln.

The reviewers were impressed by the high standards of teaching and learning and especially by the sense of community and support on all three courses. They singled-out the Reader training Course in Norwich for the way in which it gives students opportunities to attend a summer school and for the support given to students in training.

The Director of the Reader training course the Revd Charles Read, said:

“This glowing commendation of the course reflects the hard work put in by our volunteer staff who help our students through their studies. It also reflects the high value we place in this diocese on well-resourced lay ministry.”

One of the current Reader students, Charlie Houlder-Moat, said:

“I really enjoy training with the other Readers and Ordinands. We are a diverse bunch of people from all over, including the Diocese in Europe! An important aspect of the training is that we are encouraged to be ourselves and to shape our ministry according to our own particular gifts.”

The report lists eight areas singled out for particular praise and then makes several recommendations to help the three courses make good training even better. Among other areas commended are the strong leadership of the three courses and the clear sense of vision embodied in the training.