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Do you need some Spiritual Direction?

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If you would like to discover more why not contact one of those listed on the Spiritual Direction map?

Spiritual Direction offers support and guidance as we seek grow in our Christian discipleship. The Diocesan Spiritual Directors’ Network, is part of the way this diocese seeks to support clergy and the laity in their vocations and discipleship. It is open to all who would value such support.

We want more people to be aware that this support is available and therefore encourage each church to consider displaying this poster advertising the work of the Network, attached below.

The Directory of Spiritual Directors lists those offering this ministry in the diocese and who operate under an agreed code of conduct. In addition to those listed in this Directory, many priests offer Spiritual Direction as a natural and instinctive part of their ministry and we want to affirm that ministry too.

In turn the Network is also a way of supporting the work of the Spiritual Directors themselves and enriching their ministries. They are also a resource to help foster and develop the wider spirituality of the Church in this diocese. We are always pleased to hear from individuals who may be interested in joining the Network with a view to offering Spiritual Direction.

All those listed on the map are members of the Diocese of Norwich’s Spiritual Directors Network. Alternatively you can request a copy of the Diocesan Directory of Spiritual Director by contacting the Network’s Co-ordinator, Canon Andy Bryant, at Norwich Cathedral –