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A place to reflect for pupils of Ellingham VC Primary School

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Break and lunch times at school are not all about running around or playing games! Many pupils find it helpful to access quieter areas in their schools to sit, relax and reflect. At Ellingham VC primary school a bench has been carefully placed in the school grounds with a view of the wild meadow for just that purpose.

In February of this year, the school was approached by Mrs Jill Wilson, who had lost her father as a result of Covid. She and her family decided to make a donation in memory of Jill’s parents, Tony and Ellen. Her mum had been a teacher and they had both spent time at Ellingham attending the school Summer Fete, and other community events, and had many fond memories. They wanted to express their gratitude with a donation to the school that had been the source of such joy for them.

Ellingham primary decided to spend the money on a bench, which can be used as a place of reflection. The bench has been added to their outdoor learning area and provides a place for the children to sit and look at the wild meadow.