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Yare Valley Churches prepares for the next 800 years

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For nearly 800 years the village churches of Braydeston, Brundall and Postwick have responded to the changing needs of the community and now the time has come to make further changes within one of the much admired buildings which will better reflect its commendable core vision.

The churches are aiming to create a more welcoming and easily accessible environment within St Laurence Church, Brundall. The Revd Peter Leech, Rector of the Yare Valley Churches says:

“The time is now right to prepare for the future within the enduring walls of the cherished ancient building. The present internal layout is inflexible, the two aisles are narrow and the sightlines are restricted. We need to create a more accessible and flexible environment, particularly for the less mobile whether in a wheelchair or baby buggy.”

The need for change reflects the successful establishment of ‘bespoke’ cafes that reflect the needs of the local community throughout the week. The Community Cafes are open throughout the week and provide a space where people can come and relax, enjoy company, read the papers with a cup of tea/coffee and homemade cakes. Lunches are served on a Thursday and in the new year this will be increased to a Monday and Tuesday. But the cafes provide more than good refreshments at realisable prices. They provide a lifeline to some in our community.

“This place is so lovely,” commented one regular customer, “and it’s always so friendly. Some weeks, coming to the cafe is the first conversation I have.”

Additional toilet facilities are planned and an atrium link will provide space for people to relax and converse. The atrium will join-up with the existing St Laurence Centre which is a meeting room with facilities for serving refreshments.

The different spaces will make use of new technologies so that a feeling of inclusiveness will be experienced when unusually large numbers are present within the separate but linked areas.