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Unity and inspiration in online learning

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Tim Miller, Year 9 Religious Studies Teacher at the academy, continues the story:

“Hannah Jordan in Year 9 at the Open Academy created this piece of digital artwork during one of our recent Religious Studies lessons online, in which we explored expressions of belief through poetry and artwork. Entitled ‘God is With Us Day and Night’, it portrays His presence and love, as well as the majesty of creation. I hope you find it as inspiring as I do, and that it gives you a sense of comfort during these difficult times. To me, it also represents the determination and brilliance of the younger generation who are not only surviving the pandemic but are thriving: producing exceptional work and becoming resilient and independent learners.

“Our students have adapted incredibly well to online learning and continue to amaze us with their hard work. Students such as Hannah, with their perseverance, courage, and aspiration, are truly living up to the values of the Open Academy, and just as her artwork imparts a message of unity, our sense of community has never been stronger.”