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Spiritual Garden funding

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It has often been mentioned to us how both pupils and adults benefit from a designated area in the school that has been set aside to encourage reflection, find quiet, allow calm, appreciate nature, and facilitate opportunities for prayer and reflection. We have been delighted to have been sent examples of these spiritual gardens from different schools within the Diocese.

We are offering a start-up fund of £100 to any of our Diocese of Norwich schools to enable you to begin this project. If you would like to take up this opportunity, please email Holly Davy with a headed paper invoice (payable to NDBF) so that we can reimburse you with the £100 funding. Conditions of the funds include sharing an article about the process to that we can inspire other schools. If you already have a spiritual garden, you can still take up this offer, to develop it even further. Again, we would like a case study to inspire other schools and begin to create a directory of spiritual gardens.