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Pupil and school teacher “team up” to shave their heads for the NHS

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Callum Pratt, a member of Cliff Park Community Church, decided he wanted to do something to help frontline staff after schools were ordered to close.

His Year 6 class teacher James Loome agreed to shave his head too – as long as Callum reached £200 in sponsorship.

But that milestone was easily reached for a boy with “such a big heart”, according to his mum Charlene.

Ms Pratt, who is a school teaching assistant, said she was “immensely proud” of her son for being “so kind hearted and willing to help”.

She said:

“When Callum asked me if he could shave his head, I initially dismissed the idea and thought he wasn’t being serious.

“But he’s not the kind of boy who gives up on something once he’s got his heart set on it, so I relented and we shaved it off on Sunday, April 5.

“His little sister Katie, who’s only eight, helped me with the shave.

“She just stood in the corner with her hand over her mouth because I don’t think she expected him to look so different.

“The first thing he said to me once we’d finished was ‘mum – I didn’t realise my head was so small!’

“I thought his teacher, Mr Loome, might be regretting it by now. But he isn’t, because he knows it’s going to such a good cause.”

So far, Callum has raised £1,325 including Gift Aid.

Donations have been offered by friends, family members, school teachers and members of his football club.

Ms Pratt said:

“He’s been receiving so much support from people in the community.

“A lot of people we know have said that even though money is tight, they’re still really proud of what he’s doing and thank him for helping make a difference.”

Callum’s fundraising page can be found at

Meanwhile, across the county, people of all ages are doing their bit to help the NHS with their efforts to curb the pandemic – ranging from car giveaways for hospital staff to hotel owners offering up their rooms for key workers.

This article originally appeared on, all images are courtesy of the Great Yarmouth Mercury.