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Hop aboard the Easter Express with Felix the Fox!

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The Kids Team at STN Church have produced resources designed for the period of Lent which follow the stories of Mark’s gospel.

The activity booklet is full of craft activities, games, and stories for children and families which follow the journey of the Easter Express, a train traveling around the towns of Israel, telling the stories of Mark’s gospel at each stop with animations and characters along the way. There is also a devotional booklet sharing a thought a day to share the message of Jesus and His love through the stories in Mark.

In addition to the resources online, physical packs are going out to 700 families across the diocese via churches and schools. With over 1500 more going out across the country to different churches through the HTB Network who collaborated in the production of these resources.

The Revd PJ Bromley, Curate at St Thomas said: “The Kids Team have done an incredible job of putting this all together! We want to equip families to discover the story of Jesus together. Our hope is that families will grow in their relationship with God through fun and a daily thought whether they’d heard to the story before or not.”

You can find all the resources online for free at, which includes the booklets as well as some fun videos.