Parish of Yelverton


Listed below are the names of each of the churches within the parish. You can click on each to view the church buildings in further detail:

Key contacts

The Revd Chris Ellis

Licensed clergy - Incumbent: Rector, Bramerton Group Ministry (Thurton) (Benefice)
The Rectory
29 Ashby Road
NR14 6AX

Mrs Elizabeth Bloomfield

Churchwarden, Yelverton (Parish)
'The Bloomfields'
Nichols Corner
NR14 7NF

Mrs Leo Smith

Churchwarden, Yelverton (Parish)
10 Fortune Green
NR14 7NN

Mrs Karen Mallett

PCC Secretary, Yelverton (Parish)

Mr Doug Ratcliffe

PCC Treasurer, Yelverton (Parish)

Mrs Sally Morris

Authorised Worship Assistant, Yelverton (Parish)