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Christmas Alive shines a light in mid-Norfolk

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A guest who attended the Christmas Alive event said:

“Entering a darkened space, not knowing what to expect, awe and wonder were the first emotions experienced as we were transported into a deeply moving,  journey  through the events of 2,000 years ago when God, in the person of Jesus, visited the world he had created.”
“With sounds, sights, aromas and activities of that era, the world-changing message of His love revealed to us in Jesus came over most powerfully. The visitor is lovingly challenged as to how we respond to the message, in what is a crucial decision for each one of us.”

The event has become a popular Christmas tradition in Norfolk, but because of the current circumstances, the team were not sure it would be possible this year. However, after much prayer and deliberation, it was decided to go ahead, with a deep felt desire to bless the community with hope and joy, and so Christmas was brought to life in 2020.

Another guest spoke of enjoying of having time away from the commercial pressures of Christmas and exploring the true meaning.  She said she found it a real blessing, particularly as she had lost her mum this year.

People came from all over Norfolk, and further afield, to venture through the Christmas story, returning home, blessed with hope.

Another visitor said:

“What talent, creativity and commitment from the amazing team at FOL church, who indeed brought Christmas alive to us in a fresh and memorable way. Just want to come and do it all again!”

This article originally appeared on Network Norfolk.