Church Urban Fund

The Church Urban Fund (CUF) was established by the Church of England as a practical response to unmet need.

They work through the Church of England’s local parish networks, and alongside other faith-based and secular organisations, to bring about positive change in neighbourhoods and has been active in local communities for over 30 years. Their vision is to see people and communities all over England flourish and enjoy life in all its fullness.

They work by building trust, empowering local people to address the areas of greatest need in their communities, and speaking out against injustice.

Imagine Norfolk Together

Imagine Norfolk Together is part of the Together Network set up by Church Urban Fund.

This network of local relational partnerships work with churches, national and local government, charities and foundations, as well as individual supporters, to bring about positive change in communities.

The Together Network aims to develop capacity for action at a local level, and to inform, inspire, resource and support local churches and organisations, as they work to address issues of social justice and relationships between communities.

The Together Network aims to develop capacity for action at a local level by:

  • increasing the number of church-based social activities, in order to create effective responses to poverty and build strong, flourishing communities;
  • strengthening people’s capacity to take effective action to tackle poverty; and
  • developing partnerships and collaborative working between churches and with other organisations, in order to encourage joined-up activities and innovative thinking.

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