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Learn about livestock project at Caston Academy

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The Food and Farming Discovery Trust in partnership with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST), The Clan Trust, Chapelfield Veterinary Partnership and Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA) teamed up to help the pupils of Caston Church of England Primary Academy, to learn about livestock.

The project, sponsored by The Clan Trust, was aimed at giving children the chance to learn about animal husbandry and to engage schools in food and farming education.

The pupils were provided with everything they needed to care for and look after the animals and received a comprehensive briefing, to ensure that they adhere to the very best health and safety and husbandry practise.

Marcus Halmshaw, head of school at Caston Church of England Primary Academy said: “It was amazing to have the Coloured Ryeland breed sheep stay with us at the school.  The whole school was responsible for the upkeep of the sheep and lambs ensuring that they are well looked after, fed and watered regularly and checking on their health. The aim is for the children to gain an understanding of how to care for livestock and learn about sheep and what they are used for.”

Ellis in Reception said: “I like stroking them and feeding them.”

Kajus in Year 2 said: “The lamb was really fluffy and he loved feeding him.”

Lola in Year 4 said: “It is great to handle the lamb and ewe and noticed how different the ewe’s wool was to the lambs, the ewe’s fleece felt really oily!”

Kyla in Year 5 said: “It has been a great experience and good to be educated about farm animals seeing them up close as well as caring for them.”

Shannon Woodhouse, manager of the Food and Farming Discovery Trust said: “We believe this exciting opportunity offered pupils the chance to witness farming first hand, and provided them with a rewarding learning experience, while offering teachers a unique way to deliver parts of the curriculum.”