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Leadership opportunity for young Christians

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The course focuses on creating an easy and comfortable environment for participants to discuss Jesus and their faith while emphasising spiritual growth and deepening their relationship with God.

Rosie Hutton, a participant of the last course, described her experience as “wonderful” and that she would “highly recommend” it to other young Christians.

Rosie shares, “One part of the Establish course that I really enjoyed was getting to know other young Christians and hearing about their experiences with faith. It was an amazing way to make friends and learn.”

Throughout the course, participants discussed various topics about the Church, understanding its role, and the significance of sharing the Christian faith with others.

The first session, named “IN,” delves into exploring identity, skills, and our calling as Christians. Guided by the teachings of Timothy 1 chapter 3, participants learn about the qualities required to become effective leaders.

The second session, “UP,” centers on sustaining faith through prayer, worship, study and reflection, exploring their relationship with God and identifying areas for growth. From the skills learnt in the first two sessions, the young people were able to lead prayer sessions at the annual residential, Soul Shaper, to younger and older peers.

The final session, “OUT,” focuses on empowering young Christians to share their faith and encourage fellow believers.

This year the participants had the opportunity to create a short video sharing their personal testimony, narrating their journey of faith and belief in God. You can watch Rosie’s video above.

Katie Blyth, another participant from the 2022 course, said “Overall, the course was very good for meeting up with other Christians of a similar age to me, while growing deeper in our faith, eating some good food, and also participating in fun activities.

Though both Rosie and Katie admit to feeling nervous at first, they both said how delighted they were to have taken part in the Establish course and that they would encourage other young Christians to grab the amazing opportunity to receive the teaching and support to shine as leaders in their schools, churches, and communities.

The year-long series of teaching and mentoring has come to an end for our 2022 cohort, but fear not, as you can now apply for the next course starting in September 2023. Click here for more information and to sign up.

As more individuals like Rosie embrace this journey, please continue to pray for our young leaders as they grow and inspire others.