Children, youth & families

Our Children, Youth and Families Team works to advise, resource, train and equip people who work with children, youth and families in church, at school or at home.

Our Children, Youth & Families e-newsletter contains a snapshot of news, events and resources for those working with children, youth and families.  It’s free to sign up and to make sure you don’t miss the latest information everyone with an active role in their church should subscribe.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our team please use our online system to book an appointment.

We have a well stocked resource centre that you can search online.

Featured Ideas:

School & Church Working Together

There are a range of projects and resources which can help churches support schools as they support young people exploring faith.

School resources for Lent

A list of resources that you can adapt to your school’s context as you journey through the season of Lent together

Faith at Home with Kids & Youth

Resources to encourage and enable conversations about faith with your children at home.

Recent Articles:

Nurturing early growth

Where are the spaces in your community that enable faith conversation to flourish?

A cha(lle)nging- perspective on Church

The recent “Faith in the Nexus” report is a piece of research by NICER examining the intersection of children’s exploration of faith in the home in relation to church and school.

Learn to listen

It has been said that the Church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members, and not a mutual benefit society organised by its own members for their own collective advantage*.

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