Listed below are the names of each of the churches within the parish. You can click on each to view the church buildings in further detail:

Key contacts

The Revd James Monro

Licensed clergy - Assistant Priest, Saxon Shore (Benefice)
Manor Cottage
King's Lynn
PE31 8LW

The Revd Rachael Dines

Licensed clergy - Incumbent: Priest in Charge, Saxon Shore (Benefice)
The Rectory
Church Road
Old Hunstanton
PE36 6JS

Mrs Janet Needham

Churchwarden, Thornham (Parish)
Trees Cottage
Main Road
PE36 6LY

Mrs Sandra Betterton

Authorised Worship Assistant

Mrs Megan Greef

PCC Secretary, Thornham (Parish)

Mrs Sarah Bocking

Benefice/Group Administrator, Saxon Shore (Benefice)

Mrs Glynis Allen

Benefice/Group Treasurer, Saxon Shore (Benefice)

Mr Stephen Rimmer

Authorised Worship Assistant
62 Church Road
Old Hunstanton
King's Lynn
PE36 6JS

Mrs Elaine Coker

Authorised Worship Assistant