There is no longer a separate faculty petition form for works relating to trees.

Some works can be undertaken within the scope of Lists A or B in the Faculty Jurisdiction (Amendment) Rules 2019. Works which do not fall within these lists will require a faculty, which may be applied for in the usual way. Attention should be given to the Guidance on Tree Works published by the Church Buildings Council

Applications for faculties to trim or fell trees frequently attract much interest and, often, objections. Objectors may seek to protect the tree(s) concerned by pressing the Local Planning Authority to impose a Tree Preservation Order, failing to realise that the faculty jurisdiction already provides a significant measure of protection for trees in churchyards. However once a Tree Preservation Order has been imposed it can be much more difficult to obtain permission to carry out works to a tree. This can leave the PCC in a difficult situation, particularly if there is a fear that the tree may be unsound and that branches, or the whole tree, might fall and cause damage or injury.

In case of uncertainty, therefore, PCC’s are recommended to seek professional advice from a qualified arboriculturalist or tree surgeon and then to take advice from the Diocesan Registry or the DAC Secretary.