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Friends Groups

A Friends Group can engage the wider community, particularly local people who do not necessarily worship at their local church but value it greatly, in supporting the life of the church building. The Friends can help with raising money for fabric repairs and organising events, and can therefore bring about a significant positive change.

Our Church Building Ambassadors Ken Grapes and Ivan Barnard shared some useful tips in a webinar covering all aspects of Friends Groups delivered in 2021, which can be found here. If you would like to be put in contact with Ken or Ivan please email Frances Jackson, who coordinates the Church Building Ambassadors, on

Philip Morter, Chair of the Friends of St Bartholomew’s Church, Brisley has assisted the PCC of Hindringham, St Martin in setting up its Friends Group. Philip is happy to offer advice to other PCCs, travelling across the Diocese as necessary, and can be contacted on: Philip’s useful checklist can be found here.

To read an article about the Friends of Hindringham Church by PCC Member Helen McKenzie please click here.

In this recorded workshop Anastasia Moskvina goes through some key points and questions about how to set up a Friends group and why your church could benefit from having one.

Download the slides from the presentation here.

How to set up a Friends Group:

Friends’ Schemes – Diocese of Norwich