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School buildings & sites

Guidance from the School Buildings team

The School Buildings Team provide support for school building maintenance and improvements. The Schools’ Estate and Finance Officer (SEFO) provides expert advice to assist schools in their buildings strategic planning. The SEFO also liaises with the local authority officers and maintenance teams to provide a holistic approach to building management.

Church schools are awarded Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) annually to manage their school site. Many VA schools choose to invest their DFC in the Diocese of Norwich Pooling Scheme, the Diocese will manage the administration and banking on their behalf.  If you are already a member school please get in touch with the School Estate and Finance Officer to request a copy of your latest pooling statement, or to enquire about utilising your funds towards a new project.  The Diocese welcome new schools to join the scheme, and this can be arranged annually.

When the scope of investment exceeds DFC limitations, Voluntary Aided school may apply for School Condition Allocation (SCA) funding via the Diocese, using forms that can be accessed from this webpage.   Please refer to the SCA Proposal Form, and Guidance on SCA priorities.   Voluntary Controlled schools would access the same grants via their Local Authority.

The School Buildings Team are always available to assist you with queries relating to school buildings/estate, finance and capital funding.

Your contacts are: 

Sam Witton
Samuel Witton

Schools’ Estates Finance Officer
01603 882321

Ben Tooke
Ben Tooke

Finance Officer
01603 881723