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Faculty fees

Parochial Faculty Applications

No fee is payable by individual parishes for straightforward faculty applications. The cost of these applications is met by the Diocese out of its general budget.

Private Faculty Applications

Faculty applications made by anyone other than the PCC, for example by a telecoms company or private individual, are required to pay the application fee.

The current fee payable (from 1 January 2024) when lodging the Petition is £327.50 (inclusive of VAT at 20%). Payment should be made to Birketts LLP and sent to the Diocesan Registry with the Petition.

When applying for the reservation of a grave space or cremation plot, in addition to the application fee for the Faculty the applicant will normally be asked to pay an amount to the PCC which is used towards the maintenance of the churchyard.  They should discuss this directly with the PCC.

Additional Fees for Judgments and Directions

In cases where protracted correspondence is required with the Registry, or where the Chancellor considers it appropriate to record the Court’s decision by a written Judgement, an additional correspondence fee may be payable by the Parish.  The Fees are set out in Table 1 of the current Fees Order.

The current order is The Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Offices and Others (Fees) Order 2023 which came into effect on 1st January 2024.  You can review the Order here:  The Ecclesiastical Judges Legal Officers and Others (Fees) Order 2023.