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Temporary Minor Reordering (TMRO)

Churches sometimes need to consider “rearranging their furniture” in order to make things easier to use, or more accessible, or more appropriate for a new activity or for an existing activity done in a new way.

One particular problem most churches face is that all or nearly all the furniture is fixed – making moving it a more major and complex project, which would be difficult to undo again. Re-ordering usually requires a Faculty, but if the re-ordering is genuinely reversible, i.e. you are just trying something out, the Archdeacon can grant a Licence for a Temporary Reordering. This lasts for up to 24 months but cannot be extended. An application for a faculty should be submitted before the 24 month period expires if the parish wishes to retain the re-ordered arrangements permanently, otherwise the church needs to be put back to exactly how it was before.

Please do not apply directly to the Archdeacons as the applications are logged via the Online Faculty System. For guidance on how to apply for a TMRO please click here