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How to get in touch with the Mediation Team

Tension, friction and disagreement are a natural part of human life, in church communities as everywhere. Often, we move through them naturally and swiftly but sometimes they can seem to take root and start to get in the way. Because these situations arise for everyone at some time, the Diocesan Mediation Team are on hand to help. Over the last two years our confidential services has supported groups and individuals across the Diocese to find practical and effective ways through conflict.

How do I get in to contact?

Just pick up the phone or drop us an email – details below – it is as simple as that !

I am not sure if mediation is the right thing in my situation, do you offer anything else?

Yes! Mediation can be transformational, but it isn’t always what is needed. We will listen and talk with you, exploring the most appropriate approach for your situation.

How do I know when I should speak with the Mediation team?

If you find yourself asking that question then, it might be time to get in touch.

If a situation is taking up more headspace and energy than feels appropriate, we are happy to have a conversation.

How do I get in touch?

You can call Milee Brambleby on 07468 570471 or email on