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Clergy spouses & partners

We recognise that the special nature of the work of the clergy means that the support given by clergy spouses and partners is very important.

Clergy Spouse and Partner Network

The Clergy Spouse and Partner network is overseen by Rachel Usher, married to the Bishop of Norwich.

Contact Rachel via the secretary to the Bishop of Norwich, Brenna Wells on 01603 629001 or

Deanery link

In this diocese each deanery has a clergy spouse or partner who is appointed as the deanery ‘link’. She/he acts as a welcome to new spouses and partners and keeps other spouses and partners informed of news and events relevant to the deanery, sometimes organising meetings or events.

This system is not intended to be an official network but an informal way of affirming and extending the existing lines of mutual support.  It has been in operation for several years now, and we believe that it is a useful way of conveying our support and encouragement without interfering!

All Senior Staff and their spouses are also available to support and help if necessary.

We hope you enjoy your time in the diocese.

Clergy children

The diocese’s Children, Youth and Families Team (CYF) has a missional role but also holds events to support children and families of clergy. Eligible families should be contacted directly about specific events but the team can be contacted on 01603 882335 or

Financial support

The Clergy Support Trust is the leading grant-making charity helping Anglican clergy and their families in times of need. The role of the charity today is to help the Anglican Communion and their families in times of financial necessity or distress. Details are available on their website.

If you find yourself with financial concerns please make early contact with either your Archdeacon or Bishop as they may be able to help with guidance and/or practical support.

Counselling support

The counselling service is available to support clergy and their families. Jane Keeton is the Diocesan Counsellor and Advisor in Pastoral care – find out more here.

Bishop’s Visitors

The Bishop has appointed Lucy Brown and Martin Purnell as Bishop’s Visitors to the Spouses and Partners of Divorced and Separated Clergy (Bishop’s Visitor). They are available to provide support. Contact can be made directly or via a bishop or an archdeacon.