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Racial Justice 

The Revd Canon Karlene Kerr

The Bishop of Norwich’s Adviser Lead on From Lament to Action.

While there has been some progress over the years with regards to the Church’s relationship and engagement with BAME communities, we are all aware that there is still a way to go as recent events have revealed. Much more needs to be done in order of the Church to be a place where ALL people, irrespective of their identities feel valued, welcomed and affirmed. I believe that the Church, as an institution within our society, has a pivotal role in this. We must work together to make this Church a place where we are deemed equal as brothers and sisters in Christ, made in the image of God. It is only then that we become truly what we were called to be, ‘a light unto the nations.’

From Lament to Action

From Lament to Action is a report led by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Anti-Racism Taskforce. It was published in 2021 and calls for urgent changes to the culture of the Church of England.

The report identified five priority areas in which the Church of England needs to make a notable and lasting change. They are:


  1. Participation

Ensuring the full participation of UKME/GMH Anglicans in the life of the Church of England through the use of co-opted powers in governance bodies, new requirements around appointments and fundamental changes to data gathering, targets and reporting.

  1. Education

The Church of England plays a vital role in education. This priority area considers content and curriculum development, equipping teachers, tutors and other educators with appropriate training, and making governing boards, teaching staff and the student population more inclusive.

  1. Training and Mentoring

To achieve lasting change and to embed anti-racism practice at all levels, the Taskforce proposes mandatory facilitate learning programmes to member anti-racism practice, nationally produced resources for all involved in discernment and formation processes.

  1. Young People

This priority area seeks to create opportunities for UKME/GMH young people to participate within the Churhc both locally and systematically, while also seeking to see UKME/GMH young people at the heart of the congregation, which the Church of England historically has not done.

  1. Structures and Governance

The Taskforce recommends ‘consciously modifying the structures and governance of the Church of England to allow for the effective participation of UKME/GMH people at every level. This includes amending governance practices, processes and behaviours from PCCs to General Synod.

Racial Justice Resources and further reading

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