General Synod

The national assembly of the Church of England who make decisions on doctrine and practice.

The General Synod is the national assembly of the Church of England. It came into being in 1970 replacing an earlier body known as the Church Assembly. It continues a tradition of synodical government which, in England, has its origins in the medieval period.

It consists of bishops, clergy and laity who meet twice a year (occasionally three times) to make decisions on the doctrine and practice of the Church of England.  It votes the funding for the work of the church centrally.

As well as matters of worship and discipline, it also addresses wider concerns, national and international, and seeks to articulate a Christian approach to the issues of the day.  Elected members serve for 5 years.

Elections to General Synod 2021

This year is an election year for General Synod, you can find more information on the Church of England page here, or on the videos below.

The ballot for the elections to the General Synod opens Friday 17 September. Voting closes on Friday 8 October.

For the first time, the Church of England is running these elections digitally. Electoral Reform Services, now part of Civica, have been contracted to run the elections for us.

Electors will receive either an email from Civica Election Services with instructions of how to vote online, or paper forms where we have no registered email address for you.

There are for four members of the Proctors in Convocation (House of Clergy) and three members of the House of Laity to be elected. Please click on the candidates name below to view their election address.

Proctors in Convocation Candidates

House of Laity Candidates

Election results 

Details of those elected will be displayed on our website week commencing 11 October.

What is General Synod and what does it do?

Find out more about General Synod in the video below.

What’s currently being discussed?

The Church of England Newspaper and The Church Times regularly feature items which are to be discussed at the General Synod and report on the proceedings and the decisions made.

Find out more information about the Synod on the Church of England website here.