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Update: Digital Rollout 2024

Contactless machine

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The Church of England’s National Giving Team has embarked on a three-year project to help thousands more churches get started with digital giving. In July 2023 our Diocese was pleased to take part in the National Church’s digital rollout.

Robert Culyer, Generous Giving Adviser shared: “70 parishes asked to be part of the rollout and six months on, we are pleased to report that these contactless machines have brought in just shy of £45,000 for our parishes.

“Although we cannot be sure that this is all new money we are confident that a lot of this is a new additional income stream.

The contactless machines enable Christians to live out their faith by giving to support the ministry of the church and it helps visitors to give to support the upkeep of the building. As we move increasingly to becoming a cashless society it is comforting to see these churches thrive as they embrace the future. It is a really great feeling for the Generous Giving team to know that we have supported parishes in the Diocese of Norwich to improve their financial position.”

If you think you might benefit from having a machine, we are offering parishes the opportunity to try before you buy your own machine. Please email the Generous Giving Team: for more information.