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Confirmation joy at Greshams School

A large number of pupils, staff and parents were baptised and/or confirmed in a special service at Gresham’s School Chapel on Saturday 2 March. This very special and moving service was officiated by the Rt Reverend Dr Jane Steen, the Bishop of Lynn. 

The number of young people at Gresham’s School asking for baptism and confirmation has seen a marked increase in recent times with 125 people taking part in these special moments in less than three years. 

Bishop Jane said: “It was wonderful to confirm candidates from among the staff and students of Gresham’s school in March. There was a felt sense of joy in the service coming from a great community. The candidates will be in my prayers as the continue to deepen in their faith and their love of God.

The Revd Jack Branford, Chaplain at Greshams said: “One of greatest joys of being a School Chaplain is the privilege of walking with pupils, staff, and family members as they begin to discover God’s love in their own lives. It was wonderful to see so many smiles during the service on Saturday as these wonderful members of our school community took the next step on their spiritual journeys’.”

The confirmation candidates said:

“I want to start my religious journey and grow closer to God.”

“I want to confirm my faith in Christ and God and to properly begin my Christian Journey, to feel a sense of belonging to my faith and to the church.”

“I want to get confirmed to reinforce my faith in God and deepen my connection with my loved ones”

“I want to learn and discover more about God.”

“I want to be baptised and confirmed because I’ve been thinking about doing it for ages and I’ve always wanted to take this step with God.”

“I want to get confirmed so that I can be part of God’s goodness and know that he’s there.”

“I am looking forward to a new beginning with God.”

“I am confirming my faith in Christianity.”

“I want to be confirmed to confirm my faith in God.”

“I want to have a relationship with God who will always listen.”

I want to get confirmed so I can continue the next chapters of my life with God guiding me.”

“I want to honour my family and show my faith in God.”