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Pupils launch “We Need You” recruitment video in search of new governors

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Darcy aged ten in Year 6 said: “Through our new project Hopton TV, we’ve made a fun video to help find our perfect governors to come and help the teachers in our school.”

The “We Need You” recruitment-driven video sees the children taking a journalist’s role as they interview a Trust Appointed governor, Rosemary Barker about her role and why she is a governor. She says that she offers her skills set with her background in teaching so she can share that with the school and with the children.

Kit Edwards, a newly appointed governor said there’s lots of training available along the journey to being a governor and Chris Grogan, Chair of Governors at Hopton Church of England Primary Academy says the aim of a school governor is to make the school a better place.

“Our fun, news style video sees us interview one of our governors to find out what she does, how she helps us and our teachers and why she likes our school,” said Robin aged eight in year 4.

Miss Kellie Egleton, Headteacher at Hopton Church of England Primary Academy said: “We believe in a holistic approach to education to enable our pupils to flourish, grow and widen their horizons. Hopton TV is an innovative project that our children have loved being involved in; blending learning with building confidence and thinking about the school community. I think we have some budding journalists in our school and I’m sure you’ll agree our Hopton Team did a fantastic job!”

“We have a strong working relationship with our excellent governors. Their support is invaluable; they bring with them varied skills and experiences which enrich the education of the Hopton family. Collectively they support and help us to strive to be the best school we can be. We would now love to expand this team, so, if you would like to get involved or for further information, please do get in touch.”

Chris Grogan, Chair of Governors at Hopton Church of England Primary Academy said: “What better way to highlight the important role of Governors within schools than to involve the children themselves? We are proud of our Local Governing Body at Hopton, as each and every member is an integral part of school life. By working closely to guide, support and challenge the experienced teaching team, Governors ensure that, together with DNEAT, we strive to ensure that our school is the very best it can be. As is the case in many schools, we are looking to fill vacancies within our Local Governing Body. We are hoping to attract people who can bring a range of life experience and varied skills to our strong team. So, if you feel you can help make a difference, then please do get in touch.”

The Hopton team hopes that the freedom of ‘doing’ will empower their children to practice and give them the confidence to try new things, a “learning power” which they hope Hopton pupils will retain throughout their lives.

If you are interested in becoming a governor at Hopton Church of England Primary Academy, please send an email to and stating where you live and a brief summary of your skills and experience.